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Rawrr. Did I say that Moustache's turns me on? { I'm a Year 9 teenage student, living my own teenage dream. ;) I may be fourteen, but I'm still immature, trust me. I love quoting and being a potato couch when SPONGEBOB, THE FAMILY GUY, and THE SIMPSONS are on :D I adore ; Love ; Music. I love playing the Piano and strumming the guitar, you can say I'm a geek, cause I love reading novels. But as for studying, no thank you, I'll pass. God, my family and friends, play a big part in my life. Don't be hatin on my moustache. :P x

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Letters of Love.

Jar Of Hearts
Friday, July 22, 2011 @ 9:18 PM

I guess I haven't update in a while? Hehee :) As you guys know, I've changed my blog skin, I like this one, it's more brighter :) Doesn't it brightens up your screen? Enjoy while you can' x
Anyways, last Friday - Sunday was wicked awesome. Me and Lyra was getting high and being hyper till 3am.
It was awesome, god, I wanna have that part replay it again in my life.
I even met VESTENE :DDD Am I lucky of what? No shit, she was hella' awesome :3
We went to Karaoke and we were like blasting the speakers up dancing and singing like wasted teenagers.
At the end, we threw our drinks and chips everywhere, we even hid the mic' x
We awesome or what? P.S// I'm not a bad girl, I just got influenced by Vestene and Lyra.
I have good news, I may be going to Australia to study next year, I mean If I get in.
Australian International Performing Arts High, yeah, it's a music school, which get's me so excited.
Well, in order to get in, you have to audition. They're coming down this October to Kuala Lumpur, so yeah, I'm nervous, I think I need cookies. :3
I think I'm gonna sing Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri and play the piano.
Or maaybe, I'm gonna sing Rolling In The Deep by Adele? Narr, I can't sing that high.
So yeah, I'M SO EXCITED I THINK I'M ABOUT TO EXPLODE! - Spongebob Squarepants
That's all for today, chao mates' x :)

Monday, June 20, 2011 @ 8:02 PM

I'm so so sorry, for not updating my blog for like a month. I was having mid-terms exams, school work and now, I'm stuck doing my NIE project :l I promise I'll write again very soon, lots of love, Risny xx.

Happy Tuesday!
Tuesday, April 19, 2011 @ 6:00 AM

Hello once again :]
Well today was swell, except for just now.
So we had GYM again. Yeah, once again. It was better though, we played Volleyball.
But it was kindda boring because it had so many people participating in it :L
I think I hit the ball like what four times out of 1 hour, awesome right? :L
The girl next to me was like fighting for my ball, when the ball comes toward me, she comes and take it.
Like seriously, screw her.
And then when the ball come, she 'acted' like she was going to take the ball.
But Oh no, she didn't. She let the ball fall on my path and make it look like I was the one who didn't catch the ball.
Isn't she wonderful? :/
Talking about Sharon, don't worry she'll never read my blog. She even has trouble signing into her blogger and visting her blog.
She's like erm, Bitch.
Cindy asked me a question from our science workbook.
And I was really blur at that time cause I was like trying to get my work done so I was like :Idontknow?
And then, she asked Sharon. And Sharon was like "I know, but I don't know how to explain to you"
And Cindy was like "nevermine."
And then when I've done my work, I attend to Cindy's science question.
Like seriously? The question was so simple.
I told her the answer and this Sharon was like "YEAH YEAH! THAT'S WHAT I WANTED TO SAY"
You said you don't know how to explain when the answer is just two simple words.
Invertebrate and Vertebrate.
You can't explain that? You didn't even have to explain it!
That's what I hate about her.
And yeah, I fighted with Celia AGAIN today.
I seriously hate it when I ask something and that person doesn't replies, it's like their ignoring you!
So yeah, she ignored me.
I slap her with a cold fish, okay joking about that.
I blew it off at her and she was like "I'm sorry"
Who's crying now? Muahahahhahaa! okay, erm sorry about that.
So just now, my sister totally lied to me. Like 4 times.
1. She lied about not using my shampoo.
2. She lied about that she didn't have her exercise book when I wanted to check what grade she had gotten.
3. She lied about one homework which was due yesterday and she lied about it and say it was last week!
4. Oh, she lied about not using my shampoo double times.
You seee? I scold her like how my mother scold me. I know I'm cold.
Dang, 15 minutes is up already for writing my blog.
I gotta go now :] Byeee

I've got the blues.
Monday, April 18, 2011 @ 5:53 AM

Sorry for not writing for a very long time, I was sick :L
But I'm better now :] But I still have a sore throat.
Well, last Tuesday was disgusting.
We had GYM, and we had to run on the field which was filled with Mud's, insect's and snake.
So we were waiting by the side of the field, which was the road.
Suddenly, my friend started screaming :"SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE!"
And me and my friends were like all cool, we were like yeah right.
"IT'S REAL! LOOK!" She said pointing to a silver-golden snake. It looked like a hose, so everyone was pratically running and screaming around like mad people.
The snake was coming toward's me and my friends, my teacher asked one of the boys to take a pole and get rid of the snake.
So yeah, he did get rid of it, by putting it on the field, so the snake's not dead.
Happy story ending isn't it?
So it was me and my friends turn to run, the girl who record's our time of running asked us to take of our shoes.
We were all like, no way man!
So well, we kindda regret it.
We stepped on I don't even know if it's mud or shit. It splatter all over our leg. When we reached the end, our teacher was like :" I TOLD YOU TO TAKE OF YOUR SHOES AND RUN RIGHT? RUN AGAIN! THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT LISTENING TO ME!"
What the heck man?
We walk all the way back and start running again - without our shoes.
We ran with our naked legs through the mud, ew.
Ah, then after that we had to do Shot Put.
We had to carry the heavy metal ball and throw as far as you can.
It was heavy, when I mean heavy, Oh, I really meant HEAVY.
We washed our legs by the tap and our shoes too.
Our leg was soaking wet, we went bare footed back to class. ew, I know.
So, on Wednesday I was sick.
I didn't go to school.
My fingers turned blue and I was shivering like mad.
So I didn't go to school on Wednesday and on Thursday. I spended my whole two days on my piano, and sleeping and getting high on med's. Okay, I was joking about the last part.
Anyway's, I'm better now. It's just that I have this sore throat that could just make me wanna cut my throat out! It hurts like hell.
I drank lots and lots of water, mummy. Don't worry.
I still cannot believe that my mum won the 'Best Dressed Awards' for her company dinner last Saturday :] Prize are shopping vouchers Oh yeah :P I'm so proud of her, and of course, proud to be her daughter too, well sometimes.
I'm drinking Evian water which my mum just bought from Parkson. She bought 8 bottles for both of us, oh btw my mum has sore throat now. And all the 8 bottles cost around RM40++
Expensive eh? Iloveyoumummyx :3
Okay, Imma stop for now. It's good to be back on the net.

What's the very thing that make's you smile?
Saturday, April 16, 2011 @ 9:44 PM

What's the very thing that make's you smile?

Answer here

Art Disaster.
Monday, April 11, 2011 @ 5:41 AM

Hello again. I'd told you I'll be writing again :P Didn't believe me didntcha'? lol. I'm talking to myself, and I know I'm weird x)
Okay. Today, Celia had me laughing till I thought I was going to die.
Do you know the brand SeaMaster? Its a brand which produces Drinking water in Bottles.
Since the earthquake, and Tsunami in Japan. They have made this bottle cap which says :"Lets pray for Japan きれい日本のために祈る" And it had the love sign. It's really simple and nice :] So Celia and Cindy decided to collect those bottle caps and see who can collect the most.
So I bought a bottle today, cause I ran out of water.
Cindy wanted the cap. But Celia wanted the cap too ]: So I told Celia, if she could answer my questions, I'll give you the cap. The way she answer and her answers are so funny, it make me laugh my ass off :D
So erm, she won. I told Cindy that I was giving the cap to Celia, she was like"Erm, sure" :]
Celia, pulled me and scold me. She said that Cindy will get mad, which she's not at all. She was laughing with Sharon.
So me and Celia kindda argued for a moment. I apologized and make up :]
Then we had ART. It was so so so messy, my fingers and hand were all filled with paint. It was disgusting, but fun. I'm not really good at ART like big time. But my parent's think I'm really good at it, which I'm not.
That was all for today. My dad's scolding me because I'm using too much computer, he doesn't even know what's the meaning of BLOG. Sometimes, I really hate him and I still do :l
:] I'm crying now, because of my dad. So bye ]: He ruined my mood.

Joe Brooks - Superman
Sunday, April 10, 2011 @ 6:58 PM

Joe Brooks Superman :] :] :] :] !! <3